Vern has been a Personal Trainer in the fitness industry for 20 years which is no mean feat considering that most trainers do not last more than 2 years! This is a true testament to Vern’s character which is hard working, passionate and an eye for detail like no other.

Born and bred in Perth, Vern started his career in the industry at Perth CBD health Spa where he worked for a number of years before migrating up to Darwin in search of a better life in the sun. Before making the move, he spent two years working alongside a physiotherapist assisting with the rehabilitation of injured clientele. Here he learnt how to get people moving again correctly and developed a keen understanding for human movement and the empathy needed for rehabilitation clients.

Vern spent the majority of his teens, twenties and thirties playing competitive basketball in Perth and Darwin. Vern has a passion for helping young athletes become the best that they can be in their respective sport, especially court sports such as Basketball and Netball. This does not mean that you have to be an Athlete to train with Vern, in fact quite the opposite. He will have you moving, thinking and acting like an Athlete in the gym regardless of what level you are at.

Vern’s dedication to his clients is second to none and you can guarantee that you will be kept safe, motivated and shown the correct form for all movements on the gym floor. Vern has a passion for fitness which is infectious and hard to ignore when training alongside him. Endless amounts of positivity to go with an unbridled work ethic inside and outside of the gym makes it impossible not to get motivated to work as hard as you can for your results.

  • TFW Certified Level 1/2
  • Cert 3/4 in Fitness
  • Degree in exercise Science (Specialising in Human Movement)
  • Australian Strength System Level1/2
  • Fully Insured and registered with Fitness Australia