Meal Plans

Nutrition Plans

At TFW Darwin we believe in sensible nutrition. We do not believe in crazy ‘diets’ or cutting out entire food groups unless its for a very specific reason.

Our meal plans are designed by a nutritionist around our Warrior 20 food list. Of course there are lots of health foods out there but Training for Warriors teamed up with Precision Nutrition’s John Bernardi to create a shopping list that will weaponise the body and prepare you for building muscle and burning fat! Losing weight has never been so delicious!

If you want a cheap meal plan then click the links below to buy your first plan. We guarantee you weightless results.

How do you know which one to choose? You can either start at the beginning or you can come see us anytime in Darwin to do a body analysis scan to get your BMR. Then you can base your choice off your reading.

Our meal plans are designed to be used as an 8 week program with the calorie intake increasing every 2 weeks as your training intensifies due to your ability to push harder.

Food = Fuel

Meal Plans

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers available now to give someone that special gift of fitness and health.

If you would like to buy a gift voucher then please either contact us by email ( or pop into the gym.

We offer the vouchers for any of the services we provide ranging from Infrared Sauna use to 1on1 Personal Training.

Offering a friend or family member the ability to get fit and healthy is possibly the best gift money can buy. Life is supposed to be lived to the fullest and feeling great, being healthy and able to do move pain free is how it should be!

Purchase now as a gift for a birthday or for Christmas!

Body Composition Analysis

The InBody 570 has won the prestigious Red Dot Award for International Product Design and Innovation (2014) and is our most popular device for purchases for a number of reasons. It gives you all the relevant information that you require to precisely measure body composition on an ongoing basis. The device and associated equipment is completely portable offering owners or users greater convenience of use. The InBody 570 is a highly effective, efficient and precise device which tests and provides in-depth results in less than two minutes.

The InBody 570 uses 15 impedance measurements by using 3 different frequencies to measure the 5 segments of the body to provide over 40 parameters relevant and specific to body composition. Please see specifications for a full list.

The InBody 570 allows you or your trainer/health professional to regularly monitor your level of body fat, lean muscle mass and muscular development so you can understand how your diet, lifestyle and training regime are influencing your overall body composition

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Infrared Sauna

TFW Darwin offers a top quality service at the cheapest rate in Darwin. We are one of only a handful of places offering this service however our rates are the best!

Infrared saunas are an awesome way to help detox the body, drop excess body fat and improve general health and well being. Check out the benefits below!

1. Detoxification:

Whilst steam saunas on average induce sweat which is 2-4% toxins infrared saunas induce sweat which is up to 25% toxins. Toxic individuals store more visceral fat around their internal organs to act as layer of protection from toxins. The less toxic an individual is the more likely they are to burn fat more readily and also less likely to hit plateaus

2. Cortisol management:

There is over 14,000 medical journals published that have linked high cortisol levels and fat storage in your umbilical region. Cortisol being a stress hormone will have higher levels if the body is under more stress. Infrared saunas are great for managing this firstly as the therapeutic features help relax you to decrease stress but also decrease by decreasing chemical stressors on the body

3. Improve recovery and manage muscular soreness: 

Infrared saunas increases your body’s temperature and improves circulation this improves the body’s ability to bring nourishing nutrients to site of injury or soreness as well as removal of waste products, especially post exercise. This increase in blood flow also relaxes soft tissue structures, which is also therapeutic for stiff and sore muscles.

4. Improve immune function: 

The removal of toxic products and improved circulation all reduce the load on the immune system. Improved immune health will not just keep us fighting fit to make sure we can train optimally in the gym but there are also links to improved immune health and improved body composition.

5. Improved mood:

What could be better after a tough week then kicking back in the sauna and switching off. There is research that suggests that saunas have similar relaxation properties to that of meditation. Infrared saunas also cause a release of serotonin which can increase feelings of happiness as well as combat depression, anxiety and stress.The infrared sauna is a simple but effective tool to implement to get you towards your goal and also improve your overall health. The sauna is most effectively used for 10-20 minutes once a week but can be used multiple times in a week too.

In conclusion, make sure that you tick all the boxes when it comes to your nutrition and training, that should always be your number 1 priority, the sauna is just one of many extra tools you can use to help you on your journey.

Don’t forget to have plenty of water with you too!

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