Can you accomodate me? – Yes we cater for those with injuries however it all depends on the severity and the restrictions caused. When you come into the gym we can ascertain whether or not you need to do 1on1 coaching until you are where you need to be to start small group training.

Your membership covers all classes and enables you to participate in whichever you decide on. However, we will make strong recommendations as to which classes you do based on your goals. A program card will be given to you when you first start and is highly recommended you follow the guidelines.

We can advise on all things nutrition, can make suggestions and can set up basic nutritional frameworks for additional cost. However if you have specific medical dietary requirements then we can recommend local nutritionists.

The class sizes vary day to day and week to week! We have an application (Zen Planner) that will show how many people are attending any class at any time. We strongly advise to check your Zen Planner App to see class availability.

No however we do suggest you keep to the same class times. This way you can keep yourself accountable by befriending training buddies to make sure you are turning up to classes! We are all on the same mission so at TFW we help each other by carrying each other when needs be.

We sell the ability to live a happier, healthier life. We make sure that you are looked after and not injured and we take the guess work out of training and nutrition. TFW Darwin will save you time which is the most priceless commodity around. We spend the time researching and learning about how to make you a more efficient human being. Now if thats not worth a few bucks a week we don;t know what is!

In our opinion, Olympic Weightlifting movements should only be prescribed an individual who is keen on learning the required skill set or an athlete whose goal is better performance with increased power and strength. These individuals that we coach for Weightlifting understand about mobility, recovery and just how important these factors are. We believe that weightlifting should be focused on specifically rather than just added to a workout for no particular reason. We have classes specifically designated to the sport of weightlifting which can be done as a seperate membership option. Please enquire for details.

Yes, depending on the membership type. Suspension times vary from 2 weeks to unlimited suspension time. Please enquire with administration for more information.

Then you are our perfect client! We cater for all fitness levels and all workouts are scalable. If you need extra help then one of our coaches will help you out!

For sure! All you have to do is turn up!