Kylie joined TFW Darwin after being recommended for her awesome administration skills and general weapon like persona.

After spending time in the corporate blue collar world she decided that she needed a change and decided to get involved with TFW Darwin. At the time, TFW Darwin had little to no proper administration systems as the two directors were too busy coaching people and changing lives rather than sat behind a computer! Kylie basically came in and saved the day and has been organising the gym systems ever since.

Before Kylie started at TW, she had never trained and was not living the healthiest of lifestyles. However, with he help of the community, the coaches and a switch in mindset, she is now training herself to be even more of a weapon than she is right now! An aspiring weightlifter, Kylie is getting stronger by the day and the determination to help Tom and Vern build an amazing community gym is unwavering.

We cannot thank Kylie enough for coming on board with us and we truly would not be in the position we are in right now if it wasn’t for her help.

We are truly grateful!

  • TFW Certified Level 1/2
  • Cert 3/4 in Fitness
  • Degree in exercise Science (Specialising in Human Movement)
  • Australian Strength System Level1/2
  • Fully Insured and registered with Fitness Australia