Infrared Sauna

What are the benefits of using an infra red sauna? Check out these 8 AWESOME benefits of Infrared Sauna use.

Improved Skin Tone – Heat from Infra red Saunas helps to dilate blood vessels effectively increasing circulation around the body. This increased circulation not only helps remove waste products, but also helps deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the skin. This helps with collagen production to help with skin toning.

Flushing out toxins – When using normal wet saunas we sweat and about 5% of that sweat contains toxins and the rest containing water and salts etc. Infra red saunas increase the excretion of toxins by up to 25%. This means that fumes from cars, makeups, bad food choices, alcohol and drug use can be helped to be excreted through the skin.

Boosts circulation – Better circulation means that your body is more efficient at getting blood around the body. This can help decrease blood pressure (increase skin tone as well as covered above) and improves blood vessel function in diabetes and smokers with high cholesterol.

Improves cardiovascular function – Studies have shown that using infrared saunas are good fro the heart. This could be due to the elevated heart rate that occurs from being exposed to high temperatures and the increase of blood flow.

Pain relief – Research out of the Netherlands has shown that people that suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and spondylitis got effective pain relief from using infrared saunas. IR Saunas were shown to help against inflammation, pain, stiffness and fatigue associated with these conditions.

Weightloss – The increase of heart rate has been shown to increase fatloss in overnight adults. This is due to the elevated heart rate and the bodies need to cool inteslf resulting in a higher rate of calorie burn. It has been shown to increase Gherlin in healthy individuals and stabilise Ghrelin in obese and oversight people.

Fight Chronic Fatigue – Studies have shown that IR Sauna use in patients with Chronic fatigue have helped with negative mood, anxiety, depression and helped increase energy levels due to the rejuvenate effects on the bodies mitochondria.

Improves wound healing – Research shows that IR saunas can help speed up the wound healing process. They have been shown to increase tissue growth and cell regeneration due to our mitochondria readily accepting infrared light. This increase in cellular activity needed for wound healing was shown to increase by up to 171% in human cells.

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