Get Rid Of Stubborn Belly Fat!

November 23rd, 2017 by TFW Staff

The 5 best ways of getting rid of belly fat Getting rid of stubborn belly fat is one of the most coveted things a woman wants to do. Unfortunately for women we store fat in this area as well as the hips and thighs because genetically and biologically this is where it needs to go.

Mobility for Desk Jockeys

November 21st, 2017 by TFW Staff

Do you sit at a desk all day?  You have to, right? It’s your day job. It’s how you make a living. But as the time passes and you sit at that desk for 8 to 10 hours every day; day after day, your posture begins to slip. You get pains just from sitting down.

Healthy food = Healthy Mind

November 20th, 2017 by TFW Staff

Poor Nutrition & Mental Health Issues Have you ever heard the statement; ‘you are what you eat’? Well it’s about time you started to take it seriously because it is 100% true. Look at it this way, everything you put into your body is utilized by your cells. If you are taking in vitamins from

Cheat like a Boss!

November 16th, 2017 by TFW Staff

Cheat Meals! Are they worth it? In short, yes they are worth it! HOWEVER, you must do it right otherwise you will sabotage your progress very fast. Do you ever feel that your so good Monday to Friday (or even Saturday) and then decide that for your efforts your going to go out and celebrate?

Should girls train differently to guys?

November 16th, 2017 by TFW Staff

Should girls train differently to guys? There’s often a lot of misconception when it comes to gyms and gender. When you step into a gym you will more than often see the weights area populated by men. This is mostly due to women not feeling comfortable in the free weights area and is directly linked

Boost ya pecker with HIIT Training!

November 14th, 2017 by TFW Staff

HIIT training for males and INCREASING Testosterone levels Firstly what is HIIT training? HIIT is short for High Intensity Interval Training. It is a way of training that involves repeated intervals of explosive and high intensity exercise followed by intervals of recovery. The timings can range to suit your ability but previous studies have found that

Crawl like an Animal, move like a weapon

November 12th, 2017 by TFW Staff

What is ZUU? Zuu is a bodyweight training modality that has been developed for all training ages of fitness, with exercises being able to be regressed or progressed to an individual’s needs. It requires no equipment and is perfect for pre-season training, conditioning, prehabilitation and rehabilitation. With all exercises named after the animal kingdom, following

Get your gut right to get your health right

November 9th, 2017 by TFW Staff

Women’s gut health Fix your gut fix your fat loss problems If you are on a weight loss mission then you have probably found yourself trying every diet known to man and every exercise regime going. The world of weight loss is an absolute minefield and what most of the methods and suggestions fail to

The First 3 Steps to Injury Prevention

November 7th, 2017 by TFW Staff

The MOST VALUABLE skill that you can have in order to prevent injury, is FORM! Form should be a priority and too often, it’s not. Too often, people are worried about the amount they are lifting, rather than how they are lifting it. A perfect example that we see every day as Exercise Professionals is

Guys! Man up and start lifting!

November 7th, 2017 by TFW Staff

Why Males Need to Weight Train: Weight training is an excellent form of exercise for guys for so many reasons. If you haven’t stepped foot into the free weights area in your gym then it’s time to man up and pick up those dumbbells! You wont become an alpha male by being a cardio bunny!