Classes* at TFW Darwin

Our classes are not your typical group fitness classes! We do not choreograph ‘workouts’ to music or anything similar. Our ‘classes’ are gym training sessions that multiple people attend and are coached by a qualified professional.

Strength Training Classes:

“Strength is never a weakness”
No matter what level you are at you can always get stronger! Having a strong frame will always serve you better than being weak and frail. Whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior or straight off the couch, making your body stronger will benefit you hugely. Besides from the health benefits of having stronger bones, improved insulin sensitivity, reduced inflammation and higher levels of calorie guzzling muscle, getting stronger will boost your self confidence. To us, this is truly one of the most important and undervalued results that come form getting stronger!
We follow a 12 week strength and power program based on a three day per week progression. We believe in minimal effective dose with three days of weight training being optimal for most. We focus on the Squat, the Benchpress and the Deadlift as our main lifts and work on bettering these movements each session. Your coaches will teach you the best and safest techniques for lifting the most weight however we are firm believers that you must EARN the right to add weight. Technique over everything!

Met con sessions

Up to 45 minutes

In our Met Con sessions we aim to do short bursts of exercise followed by rest. This way you can burn heaps of calories not just in the session, but hours after you leave too! You can expect to get your heart rate up pushing the prowler, using kettlebells and everything in between! Lots of core work to get your abs popping too! Expect to leave sweating and smiling!

Endurance sessions:

Expect longer work periods and decent rest times to boot! These sessions are designed to enable you to keep going when the rest are ready to quit! These are great for building on lung capacity and general overall fitness. Expect rowing machines, skip ropes and battle ropes! All the good stuff that you love to hate!!

Bars and Beers on a Friday night:

On Fridays we lift and then we celebrate with a beer (or 2)!
Every Friday night we all get together to lift weights and have some fun! We try and mix our Friday night workouts up with conditioning and weightlifting and then a few beers at the end! A great way to start your weekend! Lifting and drinking!

We believe in variety especially when it comes to cardiovascular training however we also adhere to developing mastery of movements. We follow basic strength training philosophies of progressive overload, deload weeks and rep max testing in order to help our clients build lasting strength. We don’t believe in gimmicks and fads, we believe in facts alongside tried and tested methods.

In the wise words of Arnie,
“Come with us if you want to lift…”

Introductory Personal Training Session

If you are new to fitness and really do not know where to start then a couple of Personal training sessions might help. Our coaches are here to help you master the basics and teach you the main movements we do in class.

If you are new to gym training or have not trained in a long time then we highly recommend doing some Personal coaching to help you get in to the group training sooner rather than later. Please enquire with us if you feel like you need to start at this point and one of our coaches will get in touch with you to get you started.