28 Days Challenge

Join the TFW 28 Day Challenge and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!

Be a part of our mission to help 10,000 people achieve optimal health by the year 2020!

You can achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH by joining our 28 days Challenge. where we teach and train you to achieve optimal health by reducing your body fat percentage, increase brainpower, reduce visceral fat, increase mobility, increase energy levels and understanding of how to get results and keep those results, plus how to make informed food choices all while having fun in our results proven Darwin gym.

When you join the one month challenge you will get;

  • 4 in gym sessions at TFW Darwin at times of your choice 6am, 12pm, 5pm and 6:15pm
  • 12 structured Mobility and conditioning videos that are done at home
  • Ebooks outlining exactly how to succeed in your journey to optimal health
  • A personalised approach to your nutrition is key. We give you a macro plan based on your body scan results that sets you in a calorie deficit to enhance fatloss. We structure our plans around a low carb and flexible eating approach. We update your nutrition plans EVERY TWO WEEKS to make sure that you are moving in the right direction at all times!
  • Fortnightly Body Scans to keep tracking progress. This enables our coaches to course correct if needs be!
  • Recipe book with over 50 delicious recipes
  • A personalised macronutrient plan to help you eat correctly and to stay on track

The challenge starts at the beginning of each and you get all of the above for a once off payment of only $97. That’s the equivalent of one cup of coffee a day – which we encourage you to continue drinking during the challenge!

Please fill out the form on the right and we will call you to get you booked in!


Join the TFW 28 Days Challenge and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!

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TFW Darwin

TFW Darwin



What sort of results can i expect doing this challenge? Results will always vary from person to person however we can guarantee a 5kg weight loss in 4 weeks. If you have a little more body fat to loose then you can expect a great deal more! It all depends if you stick to the plan and stay on track.

What is the Keto Diet?The Ketogenic diet is a way of eating that reduces carbohydrate intake and replaces it with fats. This facilitates the use of fatty acids as your primary energy substrate and aids in the metabolism of fats in the body. This fuel source, known as Ketones, is a very stable, efficient, effective fuel source for energy, brain function and metabolic processes, resulting in a very healthy lifestyle.)
What are Exogenous Ketones and why should i use them?Dont forget that this is a challenge with prizes for the BEST transformations so having a competitive edge is important!Pruvit Ketones as made of Ketone Salts (BHB). They are used in conjunction with a low carb diet to get maximum benefits for fatloss, endurance, mental clarity and sustained energy. Following a strict ketogenic diet can be very hard to follow hence we promote the use of exogenous Ketones to support energy and to help get you back in Ketosis after too many carbs or proteins.First thing to remember is that this is a competition and getting a competitive edge should be high on the agenda! In a nutshell

What is Primalthenics?

PrimalThenics is the combination of primal crawling movements, and, high intensity and strength endurance calisthenics. It incorporates mobility and movement drills as well as techniques that incorporate functional neurology to train the brain and body

What is a macro plan?

A macros diet is a style of eating where people track their carbohydrates, fat and protein—and aim to eat within a certain range each day.

Unlike restrictive diet plans that require that you eat boring food, our weight loss program encourages you to eat the foods you love.

As a result, we can help you restore a healthy relationship with food.

The best part is that our weight loss plan works 100% the time for 100% of the people that follow it. We guarantee it!

Forget about the feeling guilty when you eat foods you enjoy

Forget about yo-yo rebound once you lose the weight

No more dieting!

Are you ready to restore your healthy relationship with food and torch your body fat at an alarming rate?

What is a body scan?

Our Inbody 570 is a body fat and muscles mass analyser. This one of the best ways of tracking your progress and making sure that the diet you are following is working. Scans are included in the platinum package.

What are the main benefits of an infra-red sauna?

-Improved Skin Tone

-Flushing out toxins

-Boosts circulation

-Improves cardiovascular function

-Pain relief


-Fight Chronic Fatigue

-Improves wound healing